“这是一所融合了最好的教育理念的学校 来自东方和西方 西. I would like our school to be a place where students are anxious to attend, 感觉很舒服, 和一个 他们不愿离开的地方. I hope each of our students finds the school a place where they can demonstrate their talents, be happy, 和 to realize personal 和 individual growth.”
董事会主席 & 校长


普林斯顿大学 International School of Mathematics 和 Science (棱镜) is a forward-looking international school. It has incorporated the best education theory 和 practices in China 和 the US, 他有很好的领导能力 老师. With the deepening of Sino-US educational exchange, 棱镜 will become the forward-looking international school with both Chinese 和 American characteristics, 哪个国家聚集了来自世界各地的优秀人才 世界.

春天的兰花, 夏天的荷花, 秋天的菊花, 冬天的梅花, 每一个 获得自己的美. 的re might be variance in terms of aesthetics, but not a ranking hierarchy to tell 一个人比另一个人优越. 同样的道理也适用于大自然的壮丽景色. 我们有长江 in China, the Mississippi in the States, the Nile in Egypt, 和 the Volga River in Russia. 不过,这是他们的 difference that makes them what they are, not their goodness over each other. 最伟大的美在于人 尊重多样性. 自然规律同样适用于人类社会.

因此,当谈到国际学校的发展, 我们的首要任务是尊重多样性和庆祝 it. 在此基础上,我们将努力进行沟通和互动. 世界各地都有圣徒. 的 minds of 教育工作者 are connected regardless of their physical locations, 各有各的优势和 智慧. 棱镜 has attracted not only outst和ing headmasters from both China 和 US, 而且数量也很大 优秀的中青年教师. With such an orchestra with players from different nationalities 和 不同的文化背景, we are sure to embark on a new chapter in the history of human development, as 同时也是一项教育倡议的新旅程. 依靠中国和欧洲教育工作者的共同努力 States, we have established 普林斯顿大学 International School of Mathematics 和 Science. 为了实现它的目标, making an effective addition in school development is our bottom-line; achieving a multiplying effect is our 愿望.

我们是一所数理学院, but we are so much more than only mathematics 和 science in terms 我们的目标. We are going to train the students to be great talents in the future. 这些人才应该相信 “欣赏你自己创造的美, 欣赏别人创造的美, 尊重多样性 在价值观上,这就是你如何创造一个和谐的世界.在中国我们有两句老话,一个是“人从” 所有国家都像兄弟一样.", the other is "If you are my friend, we would be like as close as neighbors 即使我们住得离彼此很远。”. 让普瑞斯成为地球村,一个大家庭,是我们的目标. 从这里毕业的学生将成为世界公民, 会永远铭记身边所有人的利益吗 世界, will be open 和 caring, 和 they will be kind, wise 和 brave.

Education is not only for the benefits of one country, but for the benefits of mankind as a whole. 我们的 教育工作者, 不管他们来自哪里, 他们有什么肤色,他们来自什么种族, 大家都很开心 给孩子们最美的阳光, 最宽的空间, 最美好的生活, 最安全的世界, 和 这是全世界人民共同的教育精神. 为实现这一目标,我们将与各方共同努力 our might, cooperate with utmost sincerity, 和 innovate all the time. 我们相信我们今天播下的种子将会 化作美丽的花朵,丰收明天, 这对我们的孩子有好处, 并为 世界和平、发展、共同繁荣.

董事会主席 & 校长


马修•皮尔斯At the 普林斯顿大学 International School of Mathematics 和 Science (棱镜), we offer our students a comprehensive education focused on science, 技术, 工程, 和数学 (干). We want our students to have well-rounded personalities with independent 和 inquiring minds, 以及 积极、宽容和道德的态度. 我们鼓励年轻人在发现的前景中寻找快乐 通过培养研究过程的学术项目.

等我们的学生离开学校的时候, 我们希望他们有真正的自信和自我价值感 that will empower them to pursue not only personal interests but also 目标 that would benefit their community 整个社会. In this way, they will use their knowledge in a benevolent manner with respect 和 care 为了他们的环境和周围的人. 通过理解和尊重他人的差异,他们 can address local 和 global problems in a creative 和 ethical manner.

的 hallmarks of any true researcher are honesty 和 open-mindedness in the pursuit of unbiased knowledge. In 它的原始形式, research is the search for truth 和 underst和ing of 世界 around us 和 how we relate to 这个世界. By probing our boundaries, we can generate 和 illuminate powerful ideas. 我们的目标是培养 这是人类与生俱来的好奇心.




普林斯顿大学 International School of Mathematics 和 Science immerses a multi-cultural, 自我激励的学生团体 an integrated STEM–centered curriculum 和一个 research program that identifies 和 develops each student’s 潜在的. 我们的方法促进批判性思维, 想象力, 以及强烈的好奇心, 让学生提问 meaningful questions 和 to contribute to a diverse 和 dynamic world.




棱镜 graduates excel in a complex world because during their time at school, they develop: